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WELCOME to Norrath's Hope!

amily guild that is focused on leveling, questing, having fun, helping each other, and if we feel like it, raiding. We welcome everyone seeking the same casual game lifestyle as us and heartily welcome couples or parent/child teams.

A note about children: While younger members are online, guild members make a conscious effort to watch their language. When parents are not online, guild members have proven to be patient with younger players and tend to enjoy helping them out. Our guild will not tolerate a member being rude, unkind or disrespectful to any young person in the guild. That being said, we do not require  guild members help young players and they may politely decline a group (obviously) with any player they choose. If a young player gets whiny or demanding (kids can do that) an officer WILL temporarily shut off their voice chat and guild chat privileges, if necessary.

WHAT WE ARE NOT: a heavy raiding guild... So if that is what you are looking for, we would suggest looking else where.

If you have questions please contact one of our guild members.

Many of our members have been friends for a long time and work hard as officers of Norrath's Hope to maintain a guild that promotes friendship and fun.
  If a member proves to not be a good fit for our guild model, we will not hesitate to encourage them to seek what they are looking for elsewhere.
Guild News

Looking For A New Officer

Raynbow Uphoria, Oct 8, 13 11:35 AM.
We are looking for one more officer at this time.

This person should be excited about all aspects enhancing the growth, and supporting the policies of Norrath's Hope.
For the most part to continue to be themselves and be willing to answer questions that members may have, help others and encourage grouping with-in our guild.

Who can nominate?

  • Anyone may submit a nomination.
  • Self-nominations are permitted and encouraged.

Nominators must provide; by sending an in game email to AKA - Kalifornia

  • nominator's  AKA - Character name ;
  • nominee's  AKA - Character name ;
  • recommended position;
  • recommendation on the nominee's qualifications.

Nominees must provide:

  • confirmation of willingness and ability to serve;
  • biography in game or on guild portal;
  • photo in guild portal;

If nominating another member, you do NOT need to contact the nominee for his or her information.


All nominees are advised if they have been recommended by another member. Notifications will be sent via game email by the end of October.

The current officers will select the member most qualified among the nominees/candidates at its November meeting. The officers must make a unanimous ruling in the selection.

The final choice is will be posted once they accept and the news will be posted n the guild portal website as well as in the In-Game Daily Guild MOTD Announcements for all members.

Disclosure: All guild policies are of course subject to change, and acceptions may be made at the sole discretion of the guild leader and are final.


eq2reemi, Oct 30, 12 4:34 PM.
EverQuest 2
Announcement from @j_smedley on Twitter:

"We were going to run a surprise Triple Station Cash promotion tomorrow. Due to the horrible storm and our East Coast players being impacted we are going to move that promotion to this upcoming Sunday November 4th. We normally do not announce these, but under these conditions we decided it was the right thing to do. -- Smed"

Level 90!

eq2reemi, Oct 30, 12 4:33 PM.
It may have taken 2 years but it's finally happened! In October of 2012, Norrath's Hope became a level 90 guild! Much love to everyone who has worked tirelessly doing crafting writs in the guild hall and status runs out in the fields! We couldn't have done it without you! <3
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